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Enemies Detected. Threatlevel: Insignificant

by Wing Weaver, 5 days ago

Banging that Antorus door; Garothi Worldbreaker, Felhounds of Sargeras and Antoran Highcommand are defeated the very first week.


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Ungodly Amount Of Fun

by Wing Weaver, 12 days ago

Antorus Heroic cleared.

We are starting to make kill videos again for mythic so here is a test video for this fight.

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Behold the place that shall be YOUR Tomb, Kil'jaeden!

by Arthon (Grey), 23 days ago

We did it! This tier was especially challenging in many regards. Proud of your endurance.

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Soak This, Soak That, Soak There...

by Arthon (Grey), 54 days ago

Well done everyone! One more to finish this tier and never look back...

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Your vigil is no more

by Wing Weaver, 71 days ago

Next up is Fallen Avatar.

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More like Mistress PAIN

by Wing Weaver, 89 days ago

Placeholder pic till we have a real screenshot. (if you have one send to us pls.)

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