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Go Host somewhere else

by Wing Weaver, 17 days ago


Host dead, all happy.

Next we go back to murloc cave.

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What a Lunatic fight

by Wing Weaver, 32 days ago

RNG is fun mechanic to counter.
Good job people!

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Many murlocs, HANDLE IT! // Tormented but not broken

by Wing Weaver, 50 days ago

Harjatan and Inquisition down in one night. Good job people!


Oops, forgot the first boss. Was that even a boss or just trash?

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Thought you could bug the teleport to save your hide?

by Wing Weaver, 57 days ago

There we go, after some little technical issues we managed to chase Kil'jaeden to his ship and annihilate him.
With heroic cleared (realm first!) we can look towards the opening of mythic with fresh table.

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Timetraveling is not going to save you now, Gul'dan

by Wing Weaver, 95 days ago

Realm first kill! Good job everyone.
Let's get fully prepared for Tomb of Sargeras.

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Elisande, you did not foresee this now, did you?

by Wing Weaver, 109 days ago

We are the new masters of time!

Next up the big boss Gul'dan and be done with Nighthold!

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