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Krosus Crushed

by Wing Weaver, 14 days ago

Dps-check boss is killed. People were not too excited about that kill since they ran off before we could take the screenshot...

So off to more interesting fights!

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Annihilate! Replicate! Escalate?

by Wing Weaver, 22 days ago

4/10 and going strong. First real mythic boss down!

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We, too, have proven our worth!

by Wing Weaver, 39 days ago


We had a little detour back to Trial of Valor to finish Helya and her touchy touchy on mythic. Better late than never.
Realm first also, yay!

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Well started year

by Wing Weaver, 45 days ago

Here's some latest screenshots I forgot to upload.

Three first bosses of Nighthold mythic, that is. Woo!


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End of year 2016

by Wing Weaver, 98 days ago


Merry Christmas, God Jul, Glædelig Jul, Feliz Natal,
Hyvää Joulua, С Рождеством, Vrolijk Kerstfeest, среќен Божиќ!
Enjoy this brief break we have from raiding and let's start 2017 with good vibes.

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How many times do we have to prove our worth, Odyn?

by Wing Weaver, 106 days ago

Odyn mythic down! And here is a kill video:

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