Stamping, trampling, crushing and crumbling through Ursoc

by Wing Weaver, 8 days ago

We went some bear hunting today and got this. Nice job team!

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No more nightmares about dragons

by Wing Weaver, 11 days ago

Dragons dead, yay!

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Not for arachnophobics

by Wing Weaver, 22 days ago

Productive week ended with another kill. Elrethe Renferal is down and we can move on to another boss next week.

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Nythendra falls

by Wing Weaver, 25 days ago

First boss downed with ease. We're in there but harder challenges are just ahead. Let's keep it up!

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Heroic Xavius put to sleep

by Wing Weaver, 29 days ago

First week of Emerald Nightmare ended happily for us and the Broken Isles. Well done everyone! Now, let's get prepared for the real deal.

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Goodbye Hellfire Citadel and Tanaan Jungle

by Wing Weaver, 110 days ago

Finally we can call stop to farming HFC! All of us will probably see everything green for a while though.

Every raider who held on with us until the very last raid all these months, we want to thank you and wish you HAPPY SUMMER!

Enjoy the well earned break and take a good rest until Legion and new challenges.
If you want to check our roster for Legion, click here.

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